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Video Game Companion Apps - Good and Bad Examples

Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Jul 20, 2017.

By GaryOPA on Jul 20, 2017 at 4:07 PM
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    Researchers and developers understand that people are living in a multi screen era.

    This is why most popular games come with their partner apps.
    Games nowadays go above the computer or console where they used to be played and companion apps enhance the immersion.
    Excellent companion apps

    Even the lovers of mfortune casino games attest to the coolness of the game enhancements. It is time we take a better look at some of them.
    1. FIFA 17

      This awesome app lets users connect to the FIFA 17 when they are not near their computer or console. You are able to prepare your team for the coming match. With this app, you can also get new teams and other items using FIFA points and coins.

    2. Grand Theft Auto: iFruit

      This partner app gives users access to GTA V news. It also launches more game experiences, which include:
      • Chop the Dog
      • Los Santos Customs
      These experiences unlock items in the game.

    3. Star Wars (Battlefront companion app)

      Whether you are far away or close to your home, this is a perfect companion app. It features an organized card game that lets you unlock blasters, star cards and more.

    4. Destiny app

      This app connects you to a Destiny adventure at any location. With it, users can locate their buddies in PS network, Xbox Live, and Bungie community. The app can also be used to acquire Destiny updates and latest news.

    5. Fallout Pip-Boy

      This partner app allows portable devices to communicate with Fallout 4 on Xbox 1, computers, or PlayStation Four. And even if you are not anywhere near your PlayStation, this app is able to recall your status and will grant you access to your data.

    Worst video game companion apps

    Unlike the no deposit uk slots, not all video game partner apps are perfect. For instance, as Sony and Microsoft bring their next-gen consoles, each of them is touting the advantages of their tablet companions.

    Xbox 1 SmartGlass can perform many functions, for instance, browsing friend lists and sending messages. This can be done without exiting the console game being played.

    Sony’s PlayStation app, on the other hand, is very limited and not well polished. The PS4 users that open the PlayStation app will not find functions as nice as in the other apps.

    Worse still, most of the Sony’s PlayStation functions are not included in the app. When a user browses the PlayStation store or signs in to the PlayStation network account, they are redirected to a tablet browser.

    The app also has difficulties when it comes to remaining synced with a PS4. Communication between the tablet and the console is also spotty. A native tablet version of this app does not exist. It is just an upscaled mobile app.


    Video games companion apps are really useful. There are unlimited possibilities, which require excellent developers to make the most of the fact that not every game console connects directly to a smartphone.

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Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Jul 20, 2017.

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      DW360 Loyal Member

      Oct 31, 2010
      Ive used the PS app and didnt find these issues, it performed similar to the smartglass that i could see and send messages while playing on the console.

      I could also add items to download to my console which is handy.

      I dont really see much sense in either ps app or smartglass as a means of not interrupting while playing because you still have to stop playing to reply or use your smart device, which you would have to on the console.

      I like the lead image, for nintendo/pokemon it was not what i thought they would have done, walk around, find pokemon, catch it and then what.

      i thought they would have done an actual pokemon game, ironically there is a third party that have released an unofficial game that is miles better than the crap nintendo released.
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      Watch Dogs companion app is great, you can invade other players game right from your phone and play a little mini game to try and trap them with police :)

      Far Cry 4 companion app lets you create a team of creatures to fight in the arena and then matchmake your team with people playing the game in the arena. If your team manages to beat the player you earn EXP to unlock stronger creatures and also level up your player in the main game.
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      rednekcowboy Developer

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      I'm not a big fan of companion apps, however the ps4 remote play is awesome. I've played my ps4 on multiple trips in different countries and loved being able to do that. Even sitting at home sometimes when I want background noise, I'll have a movie or tv on my main screen while playing the ps4 "remotely" on my laptop.

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