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VIP Free Spins at Online Casinos in Denmark

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jan 13, 2020.

By GaryOPA on Jan 13, 2020 at 12:16 PM
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    We often see that there are plenty of free spins being offered at online casinos, but more often they are offered to new players, who open their casino accounts. New players can get free spins a s apart of a welcome bonus for their registration at the casino. There are different welcome bonuses and start up bonuses that are awarded to new customers who sign up at the casino. But what about the old faithful casino players, who also need to be awarded with some bonuses and gifts? If you play at the Danish casinos you can find information about both welcome bonuses and bonuses for existing players at https://asgardcasinodk.com.


    Therefore, we would like to focus more on existing players who also want a little extra bonus a few times a week or a month.

    Bonus for existing players

    It sounds almost like there are no free spins for old faithful players, but it's not true. You can find an incredible amount of free spins for existing players at different websites. Most online casinos offer free spins via daily or weekly promotions, which are aimed at old players who have already their account at the casino. This bonus can be in the framework of a VIP program - where loyal players receive exclusive bonuses via the newsletter.

    Many casinos periodically send out a newsletter and it can be a great idea to sign up. The newsletter gives you direct information about the latest promotions, bonuses and of course everything that has to do with free spins bonus. It also happens that the casino sends a personal link or a bonus code to you in their newsletter, which can trigger either extra spins or other bonuses. It is like a form of a special customer care - and you can enjoy the opportunity to get some personal free spins just for you.

    As a conclusion, subscribing to newsletters is smart. After all, you can't visit every single online casino, every single day. With a newsletter you get a fresh summary daily or weekly and you know when to strike.

    You can also get news about special free spins offers, bonuses and more on the casino guides websites. Visiting such sites or subscribing to a casino newsletter can be helpful if you don’t want to miss out on loads of cool promotions and offers for all kinds of players.

    The better customer you are for the casino, the better bonus offers will be given to you - then you can receive an incredible number of free spins and large deposit bonuses. The great way to receive free spins is through the exclusive casino promotions that casinos promote daily, where you get additional free spins etc. It can be weekly days free spins, or £ 100 bonus on slots, for example, Starburst. It can be considered a bit like a happy hour, where the casino would like to give you some extra entertainment when you mostly feel lack of it - eg at the weekend after a long and hard working week. Some casinos also make sure to offer free spins, at times when there are least players at the casino. It can be Monday night or early Tuesday morning, here the casino wants to attract more customers, so they offer extra spins to the players who want to play at these time periods.

    VIP bonuses are best

    Going from casino to casino can sometimes be rubbish. Especially when we think of the VIP advantage it gives if you stick to one or 2 casinos. The best bonuses are not the welcome bonus or the start bonus that you only receive once, but cash bonuses and free spins that you can continuously receive are the best bonuses.

    This is where the VIP program comes into play as well as the promotions for existing players at the casino. If you are a loyal player at a casino, they will also want to reward you for being with them for a long time. Thus, they give you some extra benefits if you stay at the casino rather than choosing one of their competitors to play on. Therefore, in the long run, it is best to stay at one or two casinos where you can therefore receive extra bonuses that you would not otherwise receive if you choose to change the casino every month. Therefore, you need to find a casino where you can see yourself playing for a long time, in other words to find the casino that fits your playing style and where you can see yourself being entertained for the next several months. Therefore, you should check their range, design, game providers, rules and conditions etc. Thus, it is not difficult to be loyal to a casino if you enjoy playing there - especially taking into consideration the extra bonuses it can give to you.

    Benefits of being a VIP player

    When you play at a casino, you earn points that become a part of a VIP program. The more you come back to the casino and play, the more points you earn. These points help determine which VIP level you are on. The higher the level the better bonuses you receive.

    As a VIP player you:
    • Receive a VIP bonus designed especially for you
    • Get weekly rewards that vary in size depending on how much you play
    • Are guaranteed faster payouts
    • Get access to special promotions aimed at VIP players
    • Are given a Personal VIP assistant
    • Get access to special events and programmes, activities such as football, poker, Las Vegas sportsbook etc.
    • Can win a birthday gift in the form of free spins etc


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Jan 13, 2020.

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