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Warmboot exploit, SX OS and SysNAND (concerns, facts and questions).

Discussion in 'SWITCH Gaming Discussion' started by deSSy2724, Nov 2, 2019.

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    deSSy2724 Loyal Member

    Feb 27, 2015
    Hi all, since not much is posted about Warmboot exploits in general..... I decided to create a thread for his one.

    So, lets start with this one...... my Switch is still on old 2.X firmware (never connected it online, never hacked it.... its a non-patched unit) and I just recently bought "SX OS PRO" and I was wondering if this scenario is possible at all:

    THE GOAL I WANT TO ACHIEVE (if its possible at all)

    1. Keeping my real sysnand untouched on the lowest firmware to be able to use warmboot exploit to avoid using RCM JIGS and RCM dongles, it needs to be on low firmware, right?
    2. Avoid burning fuses
    3. Have a multi nand setup, so that I can switch back and forth from one emunand to another
    4. One single emumand on latest FW for legit purposes only with online access, ofc without any hacks (as SD Partition for example), basically this single emunand will in fact act like a real SysNAND, only difference that it resides in the SD partition rather than on the real NAND which is soldered to the Switch board.
    5. All other emunands (SX OS....) for homebrew/backup purposes also on latest FW

    Now, I have many questions/concerns and im not sure if I got everything right about the warmboot exploits


    1. Can Nintendo detect that we are entering/exiting RCM mode?
    2. Can Nintendo detect that we are not burning/avoiding burning fuses (on new firmwares without burnt fuses)?
    3. Can Nintendo detect that we use one specific emunand for legit purposes only (which would act like real sysnand), can they detect that the emunand is not the "real soldered nand" but instead on a SD Partition?
    4. Does the system (real sysnand) needs to be always/forever on a lower firmware to be able to use the warmboot exploit after the first/initial setup has been done?

    - 4.1 If it needs to be always on the lowest supported firmware, then whats the point of using the warmboot exploit if you cant be on higher sysnand firmware (for legit stuff using online services which require the latest firmware)..... then the only reason to use it is to avoid rcm dongles and jigs.
    5. Can we update the emunands the normal/official way and what will happen if the console restarts from a higher firmware emunand/cfw with no burnt fuses, which boot manager will take control of the system, the official one which will burn the fuses or the "modified" one which will prevent burning fuses?

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