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What can Streamers learn From Live Blackjack Games?

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Apr 3, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Apr 3, 2019 at 2:18 PM
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    Ask any successful streamer. There is no one right way to attract an audience and become famous on Twitch or YouTube. Some famous streamers became popular due to luck. Others had to start from the bottom and build their way into success for years.


    But irrespective of which path you choose to help you succeed as a streamer, you can become a better player by learning from other gamers. Continue reading to get lessons about streaming from a group of streamers that have been gaming long before Twitch happened: blackjack players.

    #1: Know why you Stream

    The biggest reason people play live blackjack is not to win money. Gamers play live dealers for the experience. Sure, every gamer feels happy to play and make money but most streamers do it for fun. But if you are just beginning your streaming journey, sit back and decide where you want to be one year from now.

    Do you feel frustrated when only 10 people are watching your games? Most blackjack players don’t usually have any people watching yet they play as much as they can. That’s passion, something only the most serious streamers possess.

    If you are passionate about streaming, it will be easier to handle all the challenges that come your way. Again, it won’t matter very much as to whether you are in it for the money or for fun. All you will want to do is to entertain your viewers. With time, your passion, hard work, and good skills may steer you into stardom.

    #2: Always Plan

    It’s an overused cliché but failing to plan is planning to fail. Blackjack players that don’t plan learn this the hard way. Not only do they lose their bets regularly but they also end up wasting their bankroll. For streamers, not planning for your channel, your streams and about strategies come at the cost of losing viewers and wasting your time.

    Fortunately, it’s never too late to be an organized streamer. Take out a notepad and jot everything you think can help you succeed. Do you need a unique intro can help build your brand? Design one. At what time will you be streaming? How do you plan to make your brand stand out? These are all important things to consider when designing a plan for your channel.

    When you are a good planner, it's easy to attract a steady audience over time. Your viewers know what to expect and when to watch your games. You are better able to practice and wow your fans with new skills every week. In the long run, good planning leads to success.

    #3: Be Consistent and Engage your Viewers

    While live blackjack gamers don’t have to play at specific times, they must play regularly to improve their skills. With streamers, you not only need to play games constantly but you also should stream consistently.

    If you set to stream three times a week, be consistent. Maintain your schedules and always confirm through your channels that you will be available. Consider offering hints of what you will be playing during specific days of the week. Your viewers will mark their calendars and always show up for your live streams.

    While in the process of building an audience by being a consistent streamer, learn to engage your viewers. Live blackjack players that stream their games do this by explaining their strategies. They show guides on how to use specific strategies to win or give tests to their viewers.

    Irrespective of which games you stream, you can engage your players. That’s why you have a microphone. Tell your viewers about your first impression of your games, certain missions or characters in the game. Ask them to comment about your streams or to recommend something you should do to better yourself. Thank new subscribers and request them to promote your channel to their friends.

    #4: Have an Edge over other Streamers

    Fortnite is played by more than 20 million people every day yet only Ninja makes $10 million a year playing the game. Why? He’s so good at it. He’s not everyone’s favorite streamer but his ability to win the game’s mission faster than everyone else turned him into an icon.

    Fortunately, being the best in a game isn’t the only way to succeed as a streamer. Ninja isn’t the only famous Fortnite streamer and that’s because other streamers have found ways to succeed in the same niche.

    The same case happens to Blackjack players. The best player wins often but sometimes they also lose. Many players have unique strategies that make them win even when playing against better gamers. Others have figured out ways to play without losing their money.

    By using bonuses found on sites like the ones listed on bestonlinecasino.uk, fans of live blackjack games can compete online and not have to lose all the money to better players. As a streamer, having an edge helps grow your audience even when other streamers are losing theirs. Your edge could be anything. You could be funny, you stream at different times compared to others or you donate some of your ad revenue to charities.

    #5: Don’t Let Money Ruin you

    Once you get to the top, money starts to flow. With 10,000 subscribers per session, $5 donations from each one of them quickly translate into $50,000. Your YouTube ad revenue may not amount to millions but it's possible to live off it.

    Unfortunately, not every gamer is able to handle monetary success in the right way. Many blackjack gamers turn into high rollers and risk large amounts of bets the moment they start winning big. Streamers engage in shopping sprees to purchase unnecessary luxuries.

    Learn to manage your money and wins. You will be able to concentrate on your games and make even more money.

    To Conclude

    All online gamers share certain things in common. The most successful among them are good at handling challenges and are creative in order to edge out competitors. Live blackjack gamers face the regular issues faced by streamers but also the risk of losing money from bets. Learn from them and become a good manager. Create goals for your streams, be consistent and keep bettering your strategies until you get to the top.


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Apr 3, 2019.

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