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What Factors Affect the Number of Online Casino Players During a Year?

Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Feb 18, 2020.

By GaryOPA on Feb 18, 2020 at 1:56 PM
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    The online gambling industry has maintained its rapid growth in the last decade, and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Industry projections anticipate revenues of about $80 billion by 2023 thanks to a compound annual growth rate of 10% in the six years from 2017 to 2023. That is tremendous growth, and online gambling houses that dominate the market share, continue to attract more visitors. The appeal of online gambling is seen in the fact that 11% of all internet traffic comes from online casino players.

    Traffic is, therefore, the lifeline for online gambling, and in a competitive niche, the challenge is attracting new clients while at the same time maintaining the casino's most frequent visitors. Despite these efforts, the number of online visitors fluctuates across the year due to several factors. There are peaks and troughs which affect players and the business. Here is a look at the main factors that contribute to these changes.

    Playing during holidays

    Holidays significantly influence the number of gamblers who go to online gambling joints. Long, global holidays especially have the most impact since casino players international have plenty of time to spend in the online. The spirit of merrymaking and celebration helps lessen the inhibition to avoid gambling. For those who gamble as a form of socializing, it is also an excellent time. This atmosphere explains why all UK casinos online have great offers during the holidays. The idea is to have as many clients on their platforms seeking to benefit from the rewards offered.

    On the other hand, the period after holidays, especially after Christmas and New Year celebrations, sees a drop in the number of people on online casinos. As people get busy with the adjustment a new year brings and after holiday responsibilities, including cutting back on expenses, most gamblers schedule hardly make time for online casinos. After people have settled into a routine that they can create time for the casinos again.

    Seasons of the year and online casino games

    Like holidays, seasons contribute to both high and low traffic in online casinos. The two most impactful seasons are summer and winter. During winter, the number of visitors rises because people are indoor, and the gamblers choice of entertainment is limited. There are no parties or picnics and the online platforms present the best way of entertainment and engagement. You are less likely to get enormous incentives for gambling during this period as the casinos are aware of your limited options.

    Over summer, though, the opposite happens. There are more options for entertainment, and most people plan their journeys, vacations, and hangouts during this time. As such, the casinos seek to offer more rewards for people over the summer to avoid losing visitors.

    Day of the week influences online casino visiting

    Even over short periods like a week, there are significant changes in the number of online casino visitors. For example, over the weekend, especially Saturday afternoon to evening when people are most likely to be relaxed at home catching up on their latest sports activities. The high number of casino visitors lasts till Sunday evening, and as people switch to preparation for Monday, the traffic starts dropping. Mondays see the least visitors in online casinos before the numbers start rising again during Wednesday and Thursday and later on Friday evening. Sports events make people spend more time on their couches or their phones, placing bets while also visiting online casinos. Such an atmosphere is lacking on Mondays but overly present at the weekends.

    Date of the month and its impact on the gambling frequency

    Monthly trends also affect how many people visit online casinos. A mixture of cash availability, perceptions, and industry practices see many people flock to the casinos during the last days of the month and very few going there on the first day of the month. People who play in real casino online games are the ones most affected. Towards the end of the month, they have more disposable income, and therefore many of them can go and play for real money, which in turn results in more winnings.

    Such results create the perception that playing towards the end of the month has a high probability of wins, and this feeds the cycle. Because casinos have to have earned money through losses to payout wins, when most people are not playing, there are fewer wins, especially on the first day of the month. As a result, most players tend to avoid the early days of a month.

    For players seeking the feel of playing in a real casino, the number of people available at the casino matters, and they also want to play against each other to increase their chances of winning as well as pit their skills against other human players. Therefore they only go to casinos during the time of the month where more people are playing, and the stakes are high.

    Size of jackpots matters

    The amount to be won also influences the number of visitors to casinos. In their effort to stay competitive, many online casinos announce jackpots and huge prizes and bonuses across different games. The rewards create a ripple effect across the industry, and other casinos follow suit. Thus at one point, all popular online casinos can have attractive prizes. Such scenarios pull players back to their platforms since they view the risk and even inconvenience of spending extra time at the casinos.

    A mixture of seasons and holidays, availability of time, and disposable income all affect the number of online casino visitors during a year. At times the factors may overlap each other augmenting or lessening their impact. As always, in gambling, being informed is part of the preparation.


Discussion in 'General Gaming News' started by GaryOPA, Feb 18, 2020.

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