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What We Want To See In FIFA 19

Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Jun 11, 2018.

By GaryOPA on Jun 11, 2018 at 2:09 PM
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    It has not even been a year since we experienced the euphoria of FIFA 18 hitting the shelves, but we are already fantasising about the next player to sign in career mode and the changes we would like to see in next season’s edition. There is no doubt that EA Sports raised the bar last time out, but here are six improvements that could make our experience of the beautiful game even more complete.


    Dynamic Weather

    FIFA still fall behind Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer when it comes to the elements and it would radically affect the way the game is played - both tactically and during gameplay. Dynamic weather is also something the FIFA-powered Frostbite Engine specialises in and would provide a new level of authenticity to the game - for example, a downpour could result in a goalkeeper fumbling a speculative effort or a player’s level of passing accuracy. Fans will be disappointed if this forecast doesn’t come to fruition in September.

    Player Decline

    Life at the top level for footballers may be short-lived in comparison to other careers, but FIFA has not managed to tweak its unsympathetic ageing process. Many modern greats of the game such as Cristiano Ronaldo have extended their stay by subtly moving their position - the Real Madrid talisman has transformed into a "true" striker role after years as a hybrid winger.

    Sadly, FIFA are not mirroring this process as players within the game rapidly deteriorate after the age of 30 and we then see the likes of a veteran Lionel Messi with his sprint speed in single figures. Ruthless.

    Improved Commentary

    Will the commentary ever be approach lifelike? Not much has changed in recent years when it comes to the styles or interpretation of what unfolds on the pitch. Real-time observations by the man (or woman) behind the microphone would add to the drama and passion. The introduction of more language choices wouldn’t go amiss either.

    Press conferences In Career Mode

    FIFA’s 18 Career Mode was an undoubted success - introducing interactive transfer negotiations, dynamic cinematic news clips in the menu and new broadcast overlays. EA could raise the stakes even further by implementing live press conferences and a range of situations. How do you respond to some tough questions after a loss to your local rivals? Ultimately, it could affect how you are perceived by your squad and supporters - the options with this component would be endless.

    Scenario Mode

    Rather than start from scratch, this mode would give you the opportunity to manage under a specific set of circumstances. For example, you may be thrust into the heart of a relegation battle with just a handful of games left and are tasked with avoiding the drop. Would add much-needed depth to career mode by giving gamers new and exciting challenges.

    Enhanced Manager Customisation

    Greater managerial options need to be created in FIFA’s next offering. Creating your own manager should have similar modules to creating a player - thus making the experience more personal. As well as having more than just a few generic avatars to pick from, it would be fantastic if the realms of management extended into being able to hire assistants, physios and other backroom staff. Consequently this would have an impact on squad morale, fitness and development of players – another facet that would significantly add to the realism of FIFA.


Discussion in 'PC Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Jun 11, 2018.

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