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Why Mobile Phones Are So Great?

Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Jul 2, 2019.

By GaryOPA on Jul 2, 2019 at 3:03 PM
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    Mobile phones, aka cell phones, have radically changed the way that the vast majority of the human populace live, work, have fun and interact. They first made an appearance during the 1980s and were popularly seen as status symbols, even though they were then terribly bulky and with limited functionality. Since then they have evolved and now pack as much computing power as some desktops.


    As to what makes mobile phones so great and what they are used for, this article will explain in some detail.

    Great And Mighty Are Mobile Phones

    Mobile phones have the following uses and advantages:
    • Communication- mobile phones serve as a very easy and convenient means of communication. They can be used to reach practically anyone on the globe.
    • Convenient To Use- mobile phones have to be the most convenient devices around. They have a small form factor, are easy to use and can be really cheap to buy.
    • Photo And Video- using mobile phones, people can easily take videos and photos whose quality favourably compares to digital cameras. These media can then be sent to others or posted on the net.
    • Text And Prosper- mobile phones allow the sending and receiving of text messages, which are a great and speedy way to communicate.
    • Means Of Self-Expression- the specific brand of the phone being used, its cover and even the ringtone all serve as a means for folks to express themselves.
    • Entertainment- mobile phones are possibly the most entertaining devices introduced to a man. They usually feature a diverse array of casino games that are played live, can be used to watch videos or listen to music. All these qualities serve to make them incredibly entertaining.
    • Reminders And Notes- using mobile phones, folks are enabled to store important information, like passwords, complicated instructions and even a lengthy shopping list.
    • Real-Time Video- mobile phones make live video chat possible. Live events can as well be streamed live to other phone users or the net.
    • Getting Organized- mobile phones make getting organized a breeze. They can be set up to show when users have appointments and can be generally used to plan and organize a work schedule.
    • Navigation And Travel- most mobile phones are equipped with GPS, with this making it much easier for people to navigate and find their way.
    • Online Banking Activities- with mobile phones in hand, people can easily access their bank accounts and even pay off bills or transfer funds.
    • Contacts And Address Book- a mobile phone can be used to store the contact details of friends and family. These details can as well be transferred to the cloud so that access to it is guaranteed from most other devices.
    • Remote Working- remote working is one of the biggest advantages of mobile phones. This feature makes it possible for members of an organization to stay in touch with their base while traversing the most remote locales.
    • Emergencies- the emergency services are just a phone call away. They can be quickly and easily reached via mobile phone, were unforeseen and unexpected to happen.
    • Time Keeping- mobile phones can be used in place of a watch or alarm clock. This dual purpose is definitely helpful.
    • Calculator- there are lots of things that need calculating. Like bills, invoices, taxes, tips and the like. Carrying a calculator around is not really practical. Thankfully, mobile phones come equipped with an inbuilt calculator that makes it easy to arrive at the correct figure.
    • Torch- most mobile phones come with an inbuilt torch. This can be conveniently used in dark places where no other light source is within easy reach.
    • Live Events and News- mobile phone users can receive breaking news as soon as it happens. They can also use their device to capture media at live events and essentially become news broadcasters.
    • Evidence Gathering and Crime Prevention- should a crime take place or be currently taking place, the phone camera can be used to gather evidence that can be used in a prosecution.
    • Research And Learning- the mobile phone facilitates easy to research. It can be used to search out the most obscure facts, and learn practically anything. Need to know how to jump-start a car, or how to cook an egg? Then ask the mobile phone because he is the one who can help you out.
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Discussion in 'Mobile Gaming World' started by GaryOPA, Jul 2, 2019.

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