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You can now run homebrews on Nintendo Switch v3.0.0

Discussion in 'Underground Nintendo Scene' started by GaryOPA, Nov 15, 2017.

By GaryOPA on Nov 15, 2017 at 11:00 PM
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    BUT... It is worth it to stay on 3.0.0 and miss out on Super Mario Odyssey and wait for some great homebrew instead!

    Recently, Wololo's blog pointed out that silently PegaSwitch library has been updated to allow usermode execution of code, which means for those on v3.0.0 you will be able to run homebrew now, once it is produced, and so far only bad attempt at getting the original old DOOM code running as proof, and 84% of people voting for RetroArch to release on the Switch next, over 17% for the Xbox One console, there does not seem much reason to stay on v3.0.0 since the latest games like Super Mario Odyssey needs higher firmware, but you never know what good things still might occur for the older exploitable firmware, so its tough choice as we enter the holiday gaming season.
    So the question of the day is, what would you do? - Buy another Switch and update it, or just say fuck it and hope for future exploits.

    NEWS SOURCE: You can now run homebrews on Nintendo Switch v3.0.0 (via) Wololo
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Discussion in 'Underground Nintendo Scene' started by GaryOPA, Nov 15, 2017.

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      At this point it's not really worth it.

      So you buy a switch for homebrew, and had to spend quite a bit of money, especially if newer units are being sold with newer Firmware, and this will likely be a bigger problem as time goes by. But even the $300 + tax a new unit costs is still far more than just buying any old android tablet that can do more right out of the box without even hacking it.

      Which brings you to the conundrum of updating to play the newer games, or staying on the old firmware to do what a tablet that costs a third or (or even less) less of the costs can do. If you're going for homebrew, the tablet will get you a lot more mileage, and if you're willing to spend that much on a gaming console, might as well use it for the things the tablet can't do, which is play the exclusive games.
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      yup nintendo wet fanboys now excited its got homebrew to play emulators/games that other console got, becuase the switch hasnt got anything to keep them going.

      i know what

      ill stick to my tablet pmsl
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      The thing is, if the switch was as open as a tablet by default, then it would have been an easy sell. But Nintendo thought that keeping it locked down would prevent it from getting hacked. The fact that it's already started to get hacked shows that their gambit completely failed. Sooner or later, the hacks will likely find their way onto higher firmwares. And at that point it will also likely have full blown piracy as well. Giving people an open system from the get-go stifles piracy since pirates and hackers are not always the same people. Consider how Microsoft let's pretty much anybody run homebrew on the xbone and nobody really cares about piracy on it, unless you could emulators.

      Nintendo on the other hand has always seen gamers as breathing wallets, which is why they nickel and dime them all of the time to buy the same game. Wii VC was vastly inferior to running emulatots on the system. Wii U VC was still ironically a bit inferior to even wii emulators in some ways. 3ds, they wanted you to buy a whole new system to run their snes vc, and people thought snes on the o3ds was just not possible. Lo and behold snes9x came out that works like a dream on o3ds. It's not cycle accurate like higan or anything, but neither is Nintendo's emulator.

      And from what I've played on it, it's pretty accurate while still running full speed. Of course Nintendo wanted you to pay three times to get these games on these three platforms. While Sony was a bit retarded to not include ps1 emulation on the ps4, at the least you buy a ps1 game and it's playable on ps3, psp, and ps vita. Too bad they took cues from Nintendo with regards to PS2 games, though tbf the ps2 games are rendered at a higher resolution and include trophies if that is your thing. Personally though, I just play them in pcsx2. It renders at a higher resolution (and higher than the PS4), and I don't care about trophies. But for ps1 games and their psp games they don't charge twice.

      But seriously, by letting gamers run nearly any application that they want, most users would be satisfied. Very few applications on android require root. And right out of the box an android tabket is going to get you a lot more bang for buck than the switch will. even in regards to games. The irony is how Nintendo keeps trying to court the sort of gamers that game primarily on mobile platforms by getting devs from those platforms to make games for the switch. It's led to such gems as Vroom in the Night Sky,, the sort of drivel that even mobile gamers would call it shovelware. Nintendo seems to be trying to run things like they did with the wii of all things. You know, the console known almost entirely for it's shovelware. Nintendo is terrible at curation, which is why a more open system would be better than their walled garden. At least if they went with android apps then the users could get the potential gems as well as the shovelware. The switch could be a bit thing, jnstall kodi on it, play all of your media docked or undocked. Play your music, browse the web. Read manga (that's one of the things I use my tablet for). And so on so forth.

      Of course, any game that is on both the switch and on android would likely be a lot cheaper on android. Nintendo wouldn't get to extend their tax to the google play store so I can see how greed would get in the way. And that's probably the actual reason they won't ever open up the system.

      They made some really stupid decisions, like using webkit with all of it's flaws, but not including a normal web browser that you can access without tricks. Did they really think that doing this was enough? Not close. So they released a system so locked down you have to trick it in order to use the web browser for no reason at all. Their fears weren't unfounded, but they went about solving it in a way that didn't solve anything. The fact that it was defeated in both areas so quickly after release, they shouldn't have even bothered. Second of all, thinking that locking the system down would lead to less or no piracy is backasswords. In the past, traditionally, hackers would open the system enough to use homebrew, and that was generally the hard part. Pirates would later come in and make piracy possible. Without the former, the latter wouldn't happen usually. So by giving users an open playground where they can run pretty much anything they want, you heavily reduce desire to hack the system. Notice how PS3 CFW came AFTER Sony shut down OtherOS, not BEFORE. Had Sony left it alone, the ps3 might not have been hacked. It's still possible, but with that playground, less people would have been interested in it, meaning that the window could have flown by. At the least, hacking it would have been delayed by at least a couple years.

      But on the other hand. Nintendo's strategy has always been to get their fanboys to buy only their games. It wouldn't surprise me if allowing all of the shovelware during the wii days and onward was their attempt to color people's perception of third party games. Nintendo has always allowed a lot of crap, stuck their "Seal of quality" on it too. But the Wii was when they really started letting a lot of crap get through any curation. Despite this, people had to hack the system to get any real use out of it. In other words, Nintendo let in shovelware, but people wanted functionality. I remember back in the old days watching videos through homebrew on the wii, something Ninty didn't want people to do. On the Wii U, you have to use homebrew to play gamecube games, it really should have been included by default. Now that the switch is out, we're seeing the same picture unfold. Nintendo letting a lot of crap through, showing no real amount of curation, and with Nintendo's tax included, people become too scared to take the plunge on third party games. Third party games tend to fail on nintendo systems because A.) no amount of curation puts them in the same bracket as games like Vroom in the Night Sky and B.) if the game is even a little bit better on other systems, and chances are it will, then Nintendo gamers act like devs are just trying to make Nintendo look bad.

      They never consider that not being anywhere near as powerful as even outdated consoles, that the games might run a bit worse on it. Take the response to DOOM for instance. It's basically a miracle that devs were able to get the game running at 30fps on the switch, and pack it into such a small cartrdige, and fanboys move between "it's portable" and saying shit like how the devs just hated Nintendo and didn't even try to get it to run at 60fps. Sometimes you can find out exactly when they changed their tune. They saw a video of the game and thought 30fps with dips was fine. Then tried it out, and realized that Doom at that performance ran like ass. But to save the switch's reputation, it's now the dev's fault. After all, many fanboys think the switch is only slightly less powerful than the xbone and ps4. All in all, the recent bout of games coming out, and being as expected, lower quality than you'd hope, it's once again fueling the Nintendo fanboy's delusions that only Nintendo makes great games, and sooner or later we'll be back where we started with third party games not selling. They'll tell everybody about how the switch has many amazing third party titles, and yet like with the wii u, these games will not sell to Nintendo fanboys. Back during the Wii U's life time, this was a common occurrence. Best seen with Wonderful 101. Many Nintendo fanboys bragged endlessly about the game, and yet the only people that actually bought it were mostly non nintendo fanboys. Quite the opposite actually.

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